10 23 2014

Indian Young Coach Graduation with German Football Idol

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On Tuesday 29 young women and men received their well-deserved diploma as Football Club Social Alliance Young Coaches. For this very special occasion, former German international and today’s Mumbai City FC star Manuel Friedrich and his wife made a surprise visit!

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance // Scort Foundation 2014

Motivating the children at the festival organised by the Young Coaches


But before it was time for the graduation the Young Coaches attended some final classes and had to show what they had learned so far. On Monday morning, for example they had to prepare and lead a football festival for children – and include social relevant topics such as mutual respect between boys and girls. Under the eyes of four Alliance instructors from Bayer 04 Leverkusen and Queens Park Rangers FC the Young Coaches set-up and guided through the tournament with 130 children. A festival that went smoothly although the Young Coaches expected not that many children. They showed that they can adapt to new situations and created a memorable festival for the invited children.

On the next day, it was time to celebrate. The colourful celebration started out with a traditional dance performance by some of our young coaches. In front of the special guests, the Young Coaches then received their certificates. And it was not just a curious spectator who randomly joined – it was Manuel Friedrich, Captain and star player of Mumbai City FC.

He was quite impressed with the work of the Alliance and the Young Coache:

«I am happy to be here. It’s great to see that European clubs make an effort and work together as an Alliance and thus make a sustainable impact.»

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance // Scort Foundation 2014

The dance show by the Young Coaches at the graduation ceremony


This day was a special one, not just for the graduates, but also for the instructors who accompanied them on their journey to become Young Coaches. Martino Chevannes who works in London for the QPR in the community trust, enjoyed the courses in Mumbai:

«It’s way more than just us giving lessons here in India. I see learning experiences on both sides. Whenever we come home from the Alliance project we also take lots of experiences with us, which we can implement in our daily work back home.»

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance // Scort Foundation 2014

Proud Young Coach Gulafsha Ansari with Marc-André Buchwalder (CEO Scort Foundation), Manuel Friedrich (former German international and current Captain of Mumbai City FC), Peter Quast and Roman Klossek (Alliance instructors from Bayer 04) and Jesse Foyle and Martino Chevannes (Alliance instructors from QPR) from left to right


His colleague Roman Klossek from Bayer 04 is especially thankful for the support of the local partner and says,

«The collaboration with the local partners made it possible to empower young women and men on their way to become Young Coaches – an extremely valuable contribution.»

Young Coach Govinda Rathod was very happy with the classes:

«What I learned on grassroots-level I want to deliver in my community. I want to be a good role model and a good coach to bring some change, some positive change. So this training will help me to achieve my dreams. Thank you Scort Foundation, thank you QPR, thank you Leverkusen, thank you Oscar Foundation

Also we from Scort are very happy with Project India and the fabulous work of the Young Coaches! We are looking forward to hearing more about their great work!

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