10 9 2014

2 Clubs train 32 Young Coaches, 2’500 Children profit

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Next week instructors of Bayer 04 Leverkusen and Queens Park Rangers FC will travel for the fourth and last time to Mumbai, India, as part of their Football Club Social Alliance (FCSA) assignment. Together with Scort and local NGOs they will provide 32 young adults with more football, coaching and life skills necessary to work with over 2’500 disadvantaged children.

This last module will complete the 32 Young Coaches’ education with the FCSA and enable them to be role models and competent coaches for children. Let’s have a look at some facts and achievements of the project so far.

In 4 modules and 12 days of education with the FCSA the Young Coaches developped their skills

29 October to 1 November 2013
6 to 9 February 2014
15 to 18 May 2014
18 to 21 October 2014

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance, Scort Foundation

Instructors teaching in Mumbai


Great partnership: 7 partner organisations and further NGOs contributed to the project success

They selected and supported the 32 Young Coaches
They allowed to locally embed the programme and to successfully implement the project
They delivered lessons on locally relevant topics like girls/women empowerment, child sexual abuse as well as health, hygiene and the right to education

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance, Scort Foundation

Working together: 32 youngsters become Young Coaches

The project benefits already 2’500 children living in slums and remote rural areas

On average one Young Coach works with 78 children
The Young Coaches lead social and football activities for them
They teach them social values like team spirit, cooperation, respect and tolerance
They are role models and demonstrate how to lead a healthy life style

250 peers learn from the Young Coaches – additional 520 children benefit

The Young Coaches act as instructros for 250 peers (collegues, friends, etc) and share their knowledge from the FCSA education
The peers already train some additional 520 children – thus the projects reaches more than 3’100 kids

Young Coaches were selected for further training by UNOSDP

Nominated by Scort, some Young Coaches successfully applied for the UNOSDP Youth Leadership ProgrammeThanks to their outstanding social engagement they could participate in the programme and further enrich their education in “sport for development”
They bring back home an exceptional experience of sharing best practices with other young community leaders around the world

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance, Scort Foundation

More than 3’100 children benefit from the FCSA work in India

After 3 modules, Bayer 04 and QPR together with all FCSA members, Scort and the local partners can already celebrate the many positive results of the project in India. Next week’s 4th module will add the final touch and complete the Young Coach education.

We are excited and look forward to a great week with the Indian Young Coaches. With the closing ceremony and graduation of the Young Coaches another FCSA project has come to a successful end. Scort, the FCSA members Bayer 04 and QPR thank for the outstanding cooperation with the main local partner OSCAR Foundation and for the great support and collaboration with the further partner organisations: Leher Foundation, Magic Bus, SOS Children’s Village,  IndiaRahee, Foundation, JEET Foundation and Colaba Municipal Secondary School


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…and for more impressions, you’ll get all the pictures on our flickr.com-page!

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