10 6 2014

Two months after the Tandem Education – How are the Young Coaches doing?

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Two months have passed since our Tandems have completed their Integrated Young Coach Education. Each Tandem – one Young Coach with a disability and a Tandem partner without disability – coaches now in disability football teams. We now wanted to see how some of the participating Tandems are doing in their roles. To do so, we paid a visit to the disability football teams of BSC Old Boys Basel Dream Team

We meet the coaches and the players of the Dream Team during an evening training session. Some two months after their education has finished, Young Coach George and his Tandem Partner Sarah coach the youngest group. Ferdinand, who completed his Young Coach Education in 2012, joins the team.

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance, Scort Foundation

Young Coach George and Tandem Partner Sarah are ready for a session in the autumn sun

On the pitch, we also meet Krishna. He completed the Young Coach education in 2011, and is still active in his role, “I am an assistant coach. Today I still look some things up in the Workbook I received during the education”.

Now the group starts the training with some warming up and then does various exercises regarding ball control.

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance, Scort Foundation

Ball control, today’s topic on the pitch

“Things are going great and I have become more organised”, says Young Coach George when asked about his training sessions. “I prepare the training sessions one day in advance at home and then bring the ideas to the pitch. But sometimes I need to adapt the sessions,” adds Tandem Partner Sarah.

Three weeks on their own

The Young Coaches and Tandem Partners had to show their skills right after the education. Since the team’s founders and senior coaches Brigitta and Silvio were on a long vacation, the Young Coach Tandems had to step in. George says that even though the senior coaches were not there, the sessions went quite well. “Now and then it was a bit difficult in the beginning of the sessions, when they were not present”, adds Sarah. “However, Ferdinand supported us; he knows most of the players very well. The Young Coaches are a great support, they take over important parts of the sessions and we can work hand-in-hand.”

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance, Scort Foundation

Dominik (middle, in red-blue) is happy with the sessions by the Tandems

To know more, we asked player Dominik about the training sessions of the Young Coaches and the Tandem Partners. “I’m happy with the sessions they delivered; they didn’t change too many things. The Tandems work really well together”, he says and quickly heads back on the pitch.

Running their own sessions, gave the opportunity to try out new coaching ideas. Sarah for example invented a new warm-up game: a combination of relay race and card game.

Usually some of the players parents watch the trainings as well. One mother explains what makes the training sessions of the Young Coaches valuable for her son: “He joined the Dream Team, because here he can really play along with the other kids. These coaches are doing a great job, because they really know the kids they train. They also manage to erase the gap between handicapped and not handicapped, which is very valuable.”

Next stop: Tournament

Now that the BSC Old Boys Basel Dream Team has some more coaches, they set their goals higher. Soon, they will be playing in a football tournament for players with a disability. There, ten teams from Switzerland and Germany will play to win the first International Crazy Cup – «I want a great team, with great spirit and definitely not a team that is easy to defeat!», says Brigitta and motivates the players to join the tournament.

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance, Scort Foundation

As the sun sets, it’s time to remove all material from the pitch. Everyone joins in!

With that, the session comes to an end. The players now head home while some of the Young Coaches and Tandem Partners have a chat about the session.

We are happy to see how the recent and elder Young Coaches are still very active and run their own sessions with great enthusiasm. Keep up the great work!!

Want to know more abiut our Integrated Young Coach Education? Click here to learn more or visit our flickr.com page!




1 comment to “Two months after the Tandem Education – How are the Young Coaches doing?”

  1. Brigitta mamafuma sagt:

    Was für ein toller Bericht! Wir sind megastolz auf unsere Young Coaches. Sie machen einen wirklich tollen Job und entlasten Silvio und mich ganz enorm in den Trainings.
    Nun hoffen wir, dass wir auch im 2014/2015 einen oder gar zwei weitere YC ausbilden dürfen und so noch mehr Hilfe bekommen!
    Liebe Grüsse

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