09 19 2014

News from our Indian Young Coaches

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During The Alliance’s Module 3 in Mumbai, India, we’ve asked the Young Coaches to write a report on their experience so far. The outcome we would like to share with you!

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Some of the Indian Young Coaches’ Reports

A couple of months have passed since our Young Coaches joined the Module 3 in Mumbai. Soon Module 4, the last one, will start. Until then, the Young Coaches have been quite active in their communities. To make sure we don’t miss out on any of the action we asked them to send in a small report about their ongoing activities.

In their recent sessions, they could use their newly acquired skills, as Young Coach Kumar (22) from our Main Local Partner OSCAR Foundation explains: “I have been trained how to organize the tournament, I have taken the initiative to organize a football tournament for the children in my community.” Today, Kumar trains 90 boys and girls in his community – every week!

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Young Coach Kumar (top left) with some of the 90 children he trains

Young Coach Anand, also from OSCAR explained what the Young Coach Education has taught him so far: “Never give up and keep learning, because it makes us more confident to reach our goal!” besides this he says that punctuality and pre-planning are some of the most important things when it comes to coaching or other activities.

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Punctuality and pre-planning are among the most important things for a Young Coach, says Anand

Maruti is another Young Coach from Oscar in Mumbai. Monitoring and evaluating his training sessions has helped him to improve the quality of coaching. With that, he is now able to handle many children during one training session.

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Young Coach Maruti carefully evaluates after his sessions.

We are happy to hear that the Young Coaches are doing fine and keep implementing their new skills! Soon we’ll travel to India, stay tuned for more updates on Kumar, Anand, Maruti and other Young Coaches from India!

Want to know more about our work in India?

… visit Oscar Foundation, our Main Local Partner, here!

… learn more about the project, click here!

… check out some pictures from the Modules in India here!

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