09 1 2014

Module 1 in Indonesia completed

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Our instructors from FC Basel, Werder Bremen and Austria Wien coached on the football pitch at «Yonzikon 14» in Jakarta. The three instructors and Scort staff are now back home and prepare the contents for Module 2.

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Instructors Patrick Haidbauer (FK Austria Wien), Ingo Goetze (SV Werder Bremen) and Willy Schmid (FC Basel 1893)

Module 1 is usually the part of the project that focusses on football related skills. During the week, the Young Coaches trained according to their instructors’ plan. Small sided games and the planning of two football festivals were on the schedule for the module. The Young Coaches did their best, and the participating kids enjoyed two afternoons of playing with the Young Coaches.

Ingo Goetze travelled as an instructor form SV Werder Bremen to Jakarta. Thanks to his extensive knowledge when it comes to working with Young Coaches, he could quickly get to work with the Young Coaches. «I expect from the Indonesia project to further develop grassroots-football. The Young Coaches will bring their newly acquired skills in their communities and share their very own experiences. Additionally I hope to build up their self-esteem and to show them new ways of teaching children using football.» Working in Indonesia is only partially comparable to other projects: « The infrastructure here is great. Abut we could not teach directly in English. Because of that, we worked with interpreters. I’m happy to say that they all were well prepared and did a great job!» says Ingo after the Module.

From FK Austria Wien Instructor Patrick Haidbauer taught in Jakarta. «What I do here not only benefits the Young Coaches, it’s also enriches my coaching back home.»