02 7 2014

Start 2nd Module in Mumbai – Personal Insights from Young Coaches

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Yesterday, the 2nd educational module for our Young Coaches in Mumbai has successfully started. Within the next days they will learn further sporting and social tools as well as other skills to become inspiring role models and understanding football coaches for kids. Stay informed about the latest news from India on Facebook and Twitter.

Scort - The Football Club Social Alliance in India 2013-14 - Module 1 (144)

Scort - The Football Club Social Alliance in India 2013-14 - Module 1 (138)

Back on the pitch with the kids – Young Coaches in Mumbai in action

Two Personal Stories

Besides the ongoing training session for our next certified Young Coaches, we talked with two of our coach trainees from India. Parvati Pujari and Manwel Louis Souz, both aspiring to learn new methods and ways to design football training lessons for kids, still have a quite different background in their former coaching life.

A good example for modern female life models in India is Parvati Pujari. She is one of the many female attendants of our actual programme in Mumbai. Of all the girls, who all feel surprisingly comfortable speaking in front of the kids and taking over the lead, she made the most self-confident impression. Where does this natural authority come from? She first had many difficulties to start playing sports when she was a child: “For the first time it was not accepted by my surrounding because, you know, I am a girl and you can’t go out of the home, you can’t play in the ground, because boys are playing there and you can’t play between boys. You don’t play there. The restrictions came from my family. And you can’t wear shorts.” But after hard persuasion work, her parents finally discovered the advantages and importance of sports in her daughter’s life. So she started to do athletics, before getting interested in handball and football. Today she is even a national rugby player for India. “I wanted to do lots of things in my life”, she mentioned. How true! With her friend Caurang Chauhan, who is also attending the Young Coach Education programme in Mumbai, she co-founded the Leher foundation, which has the objective to empower unprivileged girls in the slums of Mumbai through sports. And what are her plans after becoming a Young Coach? “My dream is to become a world trainer. My thinking is still limited. When I go to different places I can see different cultures, new things, new skills, other technology. I want to continue with sport and development but I want to continue with more skills.” The skills being taught to her at the moment by our project partners Bayer 04 Leverkusen and Queens Park Rangers can be nothing but helpful in her activities as a coach.

Scort - The Football Club Social Alliance in India 2013-14 - Module 1 (13)

Parvati Pujari already giving training advices

Another club-founder in our actual project in India is Manwel Louis Souz. Being 32 years old, he is one of our oldest Young Coaches. But in his heart and his spirit, there is still plenty of energy and dreams. One he has already fulfilled is the club named “Roaring Lions African Indian Sports Club” he founded. It was during his time in an international college in Bangalore, where Manwel, one of our Young Coaches selected by the OSCAR Foundation, our main local partner in Mumbai, discovered his enthusiasm for football. “In the evening, around 4 o’clock, the students from Kenia, Uganda and some Americans used to play football. I used to watch how they were playing. First I just used to watch. Then, slowly, slowly, slowly, I started to play. And slowly, slowly I learned to play. I learned number 8 as a defender. For me it was just fun” he says with a huge smile. So it was football he wanted to play in his own club. Nevertheless, his club first started by playing Kabaddi, a traditional Indian game, as this was more successful to attract new club members. After having won the first tournaments, Manwel started to convince his fellows to begin playing football. Again, success was not far away: “From each member we collected 100 Rupies and we bought one ball. And then we started playing and playing and playing. Then we had the chance to participate in another tournament. I took my boys and they won. Now, nobody wants to play Kabaddi, everyone wants to play football. Only football, football, football.” One also needs to know that Manwel Louis Souz belongs to an African-native minority in India, which not only shapes his identity, but also of his dreams: “My dream is that one day there is someone from my tribe who participates in the FIFA World Cup or at least some blacks in the Indian team.” Maybe he himself will be the one who first started coaching the new Indian football stars in his own club with grassroots football lessons.


Manwel Louis Souz (down, in front), having fun during a break with fellow Young Coaches and Bayer 04 Leverkusen instructors Peter Quast (behind, 2nd left) and Marco Walter (behind, right)

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