11 19 2014

A wide mix of classes awaits our Indonesian Young Coaches

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It’s time for the second module in Indonesia next week! As part of their Football Club Social Alliance assignment three instructors from FC Basel 1893, SV Werder Bremen and FK Austria Wien travel to Indonesia again to meet our Young Coaches in Makassar, Sulawesi, this time. We’re looking forward to a schedule packed with interesting topics and our Young Coaches coming to Makassar from all over Indonesia! 

During five full days, the Alliance’s instructors continue teaching our 33 Young Coaches further knowhow to become children’s football coaches with extended skills in social work. Here is a selection of topics awaiting our Young Coaches during the second module:

- Planning of a training session
- Methodology and child adequate training
- Respect and code of conduct
- Rights of the child
- Cooperation and external support
- Disability football
- HIV and drug prevention (by our partner NGO Rumah Cemara)
- Modified games (by our local partner NGO Uni Papua)
- PR / Fundraising

For the classes in Makassar some of the Young Coaches travel up to 2,500 kilometres for this second module –that’s what we call commitment!

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance // Scort Foundation 2014

The marker shows Makassar, the location of module 2, the Indonesian flags represent the hometowns of our Young Coaches

During module 1 in late August the Young Coaches worked out concepts for grassroots football festivals focusing on “WASH”, “Inclusion”, “HIV & Drug Prevention”, “Conflict Resolution”, “Illiteracy” and “Malaria Prevention”. It was now their task to realise their ideas when working with underprivileged kids for their NGOs back home in their communities. We received many pictures and reports from them showing that they fulfilled their homework with lots of enthusiasm and creativity between the two modules!

Besides realising various prevention programmes through football festivals with up to 100 children, the Young Coaches also came up with distinctive and creative ideas, such as creating a beautiful and re-usable banner made out of mango tree leaves. Agus Salim and Juwaini Sulaswanto, two Young Coaches representing our local partner organisation ASA Foundation, created this banner together with 60 children from Pakuniran Elementary School, East Java. A good example for saving funds through recycling.

Creation of a re-usable banner for the festival in Probolinggo, East Java.

Our 8 Young Coaches who represent our local partner NGO Rumah Cemara in our programme realised a football festival with more than 90 local kids in Bandung focusing on “Drug Prevention”. Young Coach Rizki Kurniawan explained in an e-mail: «Our objectives are to increase quality of life of youth who use drugs, to reduce stigma and discrimination toward street children and to improve their football skills.»

Action during the festival in Bandung

The NGO Rumah Cemara was founded in 2003 and aims to improve the quality of life for people with HIV / AIDS and drug addicts in Indonesia. Our Young Coaches now run awareness and prevention programmes for children by using grassroots football activities taught by the Alliance instructors.

Stay tuned for Project Indonesia, have a look at our Facebook-Profile and make sure you follow us on Twitter!


10 23 2014

Indian Young Coach Graduation with German Football Idol

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On Tuesday 29 young women and men received their well-deserved diploma as Football Club Social Alliance Young Coaches. For this very special occasion, former German international and today’s Mumbai City FC star Manuel Friedrich and his wife made a surprise visit!

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance // Scort Foundation 2014

Motivating the children at the festival organised by the Young Coaches


But before it was time for the graduation the Young Coaches attended some final classes and had to show what they had learned so far. On Monday morning, for example they had to prepare and lead a football festival for children – and include social relevant topics such as mutual respect between boys and girls. Under the eyes of four Alliance instructors from Bayer 04 Leverkusen and Queens Park Rangers FC the Young Coaches set-up and guided through the tournament with 130 children. A festival that went smoothly although the Young Coaches expected not that many children. They showed that they can adapt to new situations and created a memorable festival for the invited children.

On the next day, it was time to celebrate. The colourful celebration started out with a traditional dance performance by some of our young coaches. In front of the special guests, the Young Coaches then received their certificates. And it was not just a curious spectator who randomly joined – it was Manuel Friedrich, Captain and star player of Mumbai City FC.

He was quite impressed with the work of the Alliance and the Young Coache:

«I am happy to be here. It’s great to see that European clubs make an effort and work together as an Alliance and thus make a sustainable impact.»

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance // Scort Foundation 2014

The dance show by the Young Coaches at the graduation ceremony


This day was a special one, not just for the graduates, but also for the instructors who accompanied them on their journey to become Young Coaches. Martino Chevannes who works in London for the QPR in the community trust, enjoyed the courses in Mumbai:

«It’s way more than just us giving lessons here in India. I see learning experiences on both sides. Whenever we come home from the Alliance project we also take lots of experiences with us, which we can implement in our daily work back home.»

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance // Scort Foundation 2014

Proud Young Coach Gulafsha Ansari with Marc-André Buchwalder (CEO Scort Foundation), Manuel Friedrich (former German international and current Captain of Mumbai City FC), Peter Quast and Roman Klossek (Alliance instructors from Bayer 04) and Jesse Foyle and Martino Chevannes (Alliance instructors from QPR) from left to right


His colleague Roman Klossek from Bayer 04 is especially thankful for the support of the local partner and says,

«The collaboration with the local partners made it possible to empower young women and men on their way to become Young Coaches – an extremely valuable contribution.»

Young Coach Govinda Rathod was very happy with the classes:

«What I learned on grassroots-level I want to deliver in my community. I want to be a good role model and a good coach to bring some change, some positive change. So this training will help me to achieve my dreams. Thank you Scort Foundation, thank you QPR, thank you Leverkusen, thank you Oscar Foundation

Also we from Scort are very happy with Project India and the fabulous work of the Young Coaches! We are looking forward to hearing more about their great work!

Would you like to learn more about Project India? Here are some pages you might like:

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10 21 2014

Colombian youth train with Alliance instructors in Switzerland

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Yesterday 20 youth between the ages of 14 to 17 played football with three Alliance coaches from FC Basel 1893. The football-day was part of their trip to Switzerland. During some 10 days, the youth will play various sports organised by Switzerland’s foreign affairs department. The programme, which was accompanied by staff of the Colombian embassy in Switzerland, was held for the second time after 2013.

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance // Scort Foundation 2014

20 youth trained in Switzerland with FC Basel 1893 instructors

«It will be a day of fun and lots of football,» said Alliance instructor Willy Schmid last week. Then, he was preparing the football day in Magglingen, near Bern in Switzerland – and he was right. During various training sessions, 10 boys and 10 girls from the conflict-stricken Nariño region in Colombia enjoyed the world’s most popular game. Among the varied sessions was a tactics part as well as a part with fun games lead by Schmid, Joachim Eble and Sabrina Zingg.

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance // Scort Foundation 2014

The Pipe-Game, a form of team building exercise

From Switzerland’s ministry of sports, Mr Bruno Tschanz visited the sessions. «Football is the perfect game as it has the power to connect people. The day with FC Basel 1893 was great. Basel organised the sessions very well – there are some real professionals at work!», said Mr Tschanz after the sessions.

Also, the participating youth were happy to join. Futsal player Karen said: «I very much enjoyed the sessions, especially when they combined football and team handball. There is a lot I learned here, I can’t wait to share all this with my friends back home!»

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance // Scort Foundation 2014

Action in during the game

While the youth have already known about sports such as football, tennis, hockey or gymnastics they also got in touch with a Swiss national sport called «Schwingen».




10 9 2014

2 Clubs train 32 Young Coaches, 2’500 Children profit

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Next week instructors of Bayer 04 Leverkusen and Queens Park Rangers FC will travel for the fourth and last time to Mumbai, India, as part of their Football Club Social Alliance (FCSA) assignment. Together with Scort and local NGOs they will provide 32 young adults with more football, coaching and life skills necessary to work with over 2’500 disadvantaged children.

This last module will complete the 32 Young Coaches’ education with the FCSA and enable them to be role models and competent coaches for children. Let’s have a look at some facts and achievements of the project so far.

In 4 modules and 12 days of education with the FCSA the Young Coaches developped their skills

29 October to 1 November 2013
6 to 9 February 2014
15 to 18 May 2014
18 to 21 October 2014

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance, Scort Foundation

Instructors teaching in Mumbai


Great partnership: 7 partner organisations and further NGOs contributed to the project success

They selected and supported the 32 Young Coaches
They allowed to locally embed the programme and to successfully implement the project
They delivered lessons on locally relevant topics like girls/women empowerment, child sexual abuse as well as health, hygiene and the right to education

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance, Scort Foundation

Working together: 32 youngsters become Young Coaches

The project benefits already 2’500 children living in slums and remote rural areas

On average one Young Coach works with 78 children
The Young Coaches lead social and football activities for them
They teach them social values like team spirit, cooperation, respect and tolerance
They are role models and demonstrate how to lead a healthy life style

250 peers learn from the Young Coaches – additional 520 children benefit

The Young Coaches act as instructros for 250 peers (collegues, friends, etc) and share their knowledge from the FCSA education
The peers already train some additional 520 children – thus the projects reaches more than 3’100 kids

Young Coaches were selected for further training by UNOSDP

Nominated by Scort, some Young Coaches successfully applied for the UNOSDP Youth Leadership ProgrammeThanks to their outstanding social engagement they could participate in the programme and further enrich their education in “sport for development”
They bring back home an exceptional experience of sharing best practices with other young community leaders around the world

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance, Scort Foundation

More than 3’100 children benefit from the FCSA work in India

After 3 modules, Bayer 04 and QPR together with all FCSA members, Scort and the local partners can already celebrate the many positive results of the project in India. Next week’s 4th module will add the final touch and complete the Young Coach education.

We are excited and look forward to a great week with the Indian Young Coaches. With the closing ceremony and graduation of the Young Coaches another FCSA project has come to a successful end. Scort, the FCSA members Bayer 04 and QPR thank for the outstanding cooperation with the main local partner OSCAR Foundation and for the great support and collaboration with the further partner organisations: Leher Foundation, Magic Bus, SOS Children’s Village,  IndiaRahee, Foundation, JEET Foundation and Colaba Municipal Secondary School


Learn more about the project:

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…and for more impressions, you’ll get all the pictures on our flickr.com-page!

10 6 2014

Two months after the Tandem Education – How are the Young Coaches doing?

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Two months have passed since our Tandems have completed their Integrated Young Coach Education. Each Tandem – one Young Coach with a disability and a Tandem partner without disability – coaches now in disability football teams. We now wanted to see how some of the participating Tandems are doing in their roles. To do so, we paid a visit to the disability football teams of BSC Old Boys Basel Dream Team

We meet the coaches and the players of the Dream Team during an evening training session. Some two months after their education has finished, Young Coach George and his Tandem Partner Sarah coach the youngest group. Ferdinand, who completed his Young Coach Education in 2012, joins the team.

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance, Scort Foundation

Young Coach George and Tandem Partner Sarah are ready for a session in the autumn sun

On the pitch, we also meet Krishna. He completed the Young Coach education in 2011, and is still active in his role, “I am an assistant coach. Today I still look some things up in the Workbook I received during the education”.

Now the group starts the training with some warming up and then does various exercises regarding ball control.

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance, Scort Foundation

Ball control, today’s topic on the pitch

“Things are going great and I have become more organised”, says Young Coach George when asked about his training sessions. “I prepare the training sessions one day in advance at home and then bring the ideas to the pitch. But sometimes I need to adapt the sessions,” adds Tandem Partner Sarah.

Three weeks on their own

The Young Coaches and Tandem Partners had to show their skills right after the education. Since the team’s founders and senior coaches Brigitta and Silvio were on a long vacation, the Young Coach Tandems had to step in. George says that even though the senior coaches were not there, the sessions went quite well. “Now and then it was a bit difficult in the beginning of the sessions, when they were not present”, adds Sarah. “However, Ferdinand supported us; he knows most of the players very well. The Young Coaches are a great support, they take over important parts of the sessions and we can work hand-in-hand.”

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance, Scort Foundation

Dominik (middle, in red-blue) is happy with the sessions by the Tandems

To know more, we asked player Dominik about the training sessions of the Young Coaches and the Tandem Partners. “I’m happy with the sessions they delivered; they didn’t change too many things. The Tandems work really well together”, he says and quickly heads back on the pitch.

Running their own sessions, gave the opportunity to try out new coaching ideas. Sarah for example invented a new warm-up game: a combination of relay race and card game.

Usually some of the players parents watch the trainings as well. One mother explains what makes the training sessions of the Young Coaches valuable for her son: “He joined the Dream Team, because here he can really play along with the other kids. These coaches are doing a great job, because they really know the kids they train. They also manage to erase the gap between handicapped and not handicapped, which is very valuable.”

Next stop: Tournament

Now that the BSC Old Boys Basel Dream Team has some more coaches, they set their goals higher. Soon, they will be playing in a football tournament for players with a disability. There, ten teams from Switzerland and Germany will play to win the first International Crazy Cup – «I want a great team, with great spirit and definitely not a team that is easy to defeat!», says Brigitta and motivates the players to join the tournament.

(C) The Football Club Social Alliance, Scort Foundation

As the sun sets, it’s time to remove all material from the pitch. Everyone joins in!

With that, the session comes to an end. The players now head home while some of the Young Coaches and Tandem Partners have a chat about the session.

We are happy to see how the recent and elder Young Coaches are still very active and run their own sessions with great enthusiasm. Keep up the great work!!

Want to know more abiut our Integrated Young Coach Education? Click here to learn more or visit our flickr.com page!




09 24 2014

Indian Young Coaches join Youth Leadership Programme

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Parvati Pujari (Leher Foundation) and Govinda Rathod (OSCAR Foundation), two Young Coaches from Mumbai, travelled to South Korea. In Gwangju they attended the 12th UNOSDP Youth Leadership Programme – read about their journey and how they benefited from the programme.

Indian YC at YLP (3)

Parvati and Govinda spend some 12 days in the Korean city. Together with 34 fellow youth from 16 countries aged 18 to 25 they received training and guidance in the best practices in the field of Sport for Development and Peace (SDP). A program that not only contributes to the personal development of youth by helping participants develop their leadership skills in SDP, but contributes to overall community development as well. By providing an opportunity to develop and exercise their leadership skills, the youth participants can strengthen a community’s capacity to build on its strengths and respond to pressing community needs.

Indian YC at YLP (1)

The agenda was packed with a wide variety of sports and classroom sessions. Topics in included “Leadership through Football”, “Adapted Physical Activities for those with a Disability”, or “Gender Equality in Sports”.

The lecturers came from quite different backgrounds, for example “Right to Play”, The FA or UNAIDS. The participants also came in touch with some Korean culture while staying at Honam University in Gwangju or learning about basic Taekwondo techniques with representatives of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF).

Indian YC at YLP (2)

Interested? From October 18 – 21 The Alliance will be in Mumbai for the Indian Young Coaches’ final Module – we’re excited and are looking forward to it! Have a look at our Facebook Page and this Blog to stay updated!

09 19 2014

News from our Indian Young Coaches

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During The Alliance’s Module 3 in Mumbai, India, we’ve asked the Young Coaches to write a report on their experience so far. The outcome we would like to share with you!

(C) Copyright The Football Club Social Alliance / Scort Foundation

Some of the Indian Young Coaches’ Reports

A couple of months have passed since our Young Coaches joined the Module 3 in Mumbai. Soon Module 4, the last one, will start. Until then, the Young Coaches have been quite active in their communities. To make sure we don’t miss out on any of the action we asked them to send in a small report about their ongoing activities.

In their recent sessions, they could use their newly acquired skills, as Young Coach Kumar (22) from our Main Local Partner OSCAR Foundation explains: “I have been trained how to organize the tournament, I have taken the initiative to organize a football tournament for the children in my community.” Today, Kumar trains 90 boys and girls in his community – every week!

(C) Copyright The Football Club Social Alliance / Scort Foundation

Young Coach Kumar (top left) with some of the 90 children he trains

Young Coach Anand, also from OSCAR explained what the Young Coach Education has taught him so far: “Never give up and keep learning, because it makes us more confident to reach our goal!” besides this he says that punctuality and pre-planning are some of the most important things when it comes to coaching or other activities.

(C) Copyright The Football Club Social Alliance / Scort Foundation

Punctuality and pre-planning are among the most important things for a Young Coach, says Anand

Maruti is another Young Coach from Oscar in Mumbai. Monitoring and evaluating his training sessions has helped him to improve the quality of coaching. With that, he is now able to handle many children during one training session.

(C) Copyright The Football Club Social Alliance / Scort Foundation

Young Coach Maruti carefully evaluates after his sessions.

We are happy to hear that the Young Coaches are doing fine and keep implementing their new skills! Soon we’ll travel to India, stay tuned for more updates on Kumar, Anand, Maruti and other Young Coaches from India!

Want to know more about our work in India?

… visit Oscar Foundation, our Main Local Partner, here!

… learn more about the project, click here!

… check out some pictures from the Modules in India here!

09 1 2014

Module 1 in Indonesia completed

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Our instructors from FC Basel, Werder Bremen and Austria Wien coached on the football pitch at «Yonzikon 14» in Jakarta. The three instructors and Scort staff are now back home and prepare the contents for Module 2.

(C) Copyright The Football Club Social Alliance / Scort Foundation

Instructors Patrick Haidbauer (FK Austria Wien), Ingo Goetze (SV Werder Bremen) and Willy Schmid (FC Basel 1893)

Module 1 is usually the part of the project that focusses on football related skills. During the week, the Young Coaches trained according to their instructors’ plan. Small sided games and the planning of two football festivals were on the schedule for the module. The Young Coaches did their best, and the participating kids enjoyed two afternoons of playing with the Young Coaches.

Ingo Goetze travelled as an instructor form SV Werder Bremen to Jakarta. Thanks to his extensive knowledge when it comes to working with Young Coaches, he could quickly get to work with the Young Coaches. «I expect from the Indonesia project to further develop grassroots-football. The Young Coaches will bring their newly acquired skills in their communities and share their very own experiences. Additionally I hope to build up their self-esteem and to show them new ways of teaching children using football.» Working in Indonesia is only partially comparable to other projects: « The infrastructure here is great. Abut we could not teach directly in English. Because of that, we worked with interpreters. I’m happy to say that they all were well prepared and did a great job!» says Ingo after the Module.

From FK Austria Wien Instructor Patrick Haidbauer taught in Jakarta. «What I do here not only benefits the Young Coaches, it’s also enriches my coaching back home.»